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This year, I will be the Albright-Inspired Artist-in-Residence at the Warrenville Historical Museum in Warrenville, Illinois.

In 1924, Adam Emory Albright (1897-1983) acquired a vacant church building on Second Street in Warrenville. He and his twin sons, Ivan and Malvin, did their art-making in the Albright Gallery of Painting and Sculpture.


The caption reads: The delight of the father, Adam Emory Albright, is to slip away from the studio, gather the neighborhood youngsters and paint in the open. Connie, Midgie and Richard Haight are his models in this picture. At 82, this pioneer artist of the Midwest still paints with all his old verve.

Adam was one of the most celebrated American artists of the early 20th century. His paintings were featured in a number of one-man exhibitions at American museums during his lifetime and are now held in their collections.

“He who paints things is a mere mechanic, but he who paints the appearance of things is an artist. One makes but illustrations, the other produces works of art.”

– Adam Emory Albright

End of the Pier, Adam Emory Albright, 1920

End of the Pier, Adam Emory Albright, 1920

Adam Emory Albright worked en plein air and in an impressionistic style. Many of his paintings included country children: his own sons were often subjects, as were local Warrenville children. The Du Page River flows right behind the studio building, and Adam frequently included the river and its environs in his paintings of children.

I will be painting en plein air in Warrenville, studying historic spots related to A. E. Albright’s “most productive years” (as he once put it) in Warrenville.

After the Albrights’ time, the building housed several different arts-related organizations. In 1984, after undergoing extensive renovations, it opened with the Warrenville Historical Museum in one of the rooms.

In 2002, the Historical Society was given full use of the building by the City of Warrenville. Today, it is known as the Warrenville Historical Museum and Art Gallery featuring seven display areas, a Research Library and a Museum Store.

Warrenville Historical Museum and Art Gallery 3S530 Second Street, Warrenville, Illinois

Warrenville Historical Museum + Art Gallery, 3s530 Second Street


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