Currier-Reed House

Currier-Reed House ©2016 maggie capettini 6x6 oil on gessobord | available

Currier-Reed House ©2016 maggie capettini 6×6 oil on gessobord | available

This house is impressive in its size and architecture. Made even more grand-looking by the large lot it stands on, set back from the street and surrounded by beautiful old trees, the Currier-Reed House dates to 1856. It was built for William and Roxana Currier, settlers from New Hampshire to the West Chicago area in the 1830s. William Currier was the town’s oldest Civil War volunteer, at age 53.  In 1900 a kitchen wing was added, and in 1942, the pillared portico.  The home remained in the Currier family for over 70 years, and was purchased by the Chauncey and Ella Reed family in 1935. Chauncey Reed was a Congressional Representative from 1935-56.

Part of the West Chicago / Meeting Place exhibit opening August 4th at Gallery 200 in West Chicago.


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