CNW Between Showers

CNW Between Showers ©2016 maggie capettini 8x10 oil on linen panel | available

CNW Between Showers ©2016 maggie capettini 8×10 oil on linen panel | SOLD

Another rainy spring day, another Chicago & North Western depot! This time I caught the station between showers. I had to run to catch the photo I wanted – with a bit of sun still showing between the clouds and the glint of sky on all the damp surfaces. I got lucky – just after taking my photos, the clouds filled in and the rain started up again.

Friends of West Chicago City Museum tells us:

The 1869 Chicago & NorthWestern Depot was originally located at 306 Main Street. The brick building was moved to W. Washington Street in 1912 and a new depot was built in its place, which is today the Wayne & Helen Fox Community Center.  The 1869 depot was built to impress railway passengers, with stylish and substantial wide roof overhangs and ornate bracketing. At one time, tracks ran on both sides of the depot, which served both freight and passenger trains.

See my painting of the 1912 Chicago & North Western depot here.

This painting is a part of the series West Chicago/Meeting Place, which will be on exhibit at Gallery 200 in West Chicago during the month of August.


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