Morning on Main

Morning on Main1000

Morning on Main ©maggie capettini 6×12 oil on linen panel | Available

The historic section of Main Street in downtown West Chicago spans several blocks and is tragically easy to miss. Daily activities by residents can be carried out without ever setting foot or wheel on this stretch of road, and visitors often express delighted surprise when they discover this hidden gem of the western suburbs.

The buildings on these blocks date back to the town’s founding in the mid-1800s (then known as Junction, Turner, and eventually Turner Junction) and represent a range of architectural styles. They are best appreciated on foot due to the many intricate details on the building facades. While you are there, stop in to West Chicago City Museum to learn more about the town’s founding. Another cultural stop is Gallery 200, an artist cooperative featuring works in a variety of different media created by local artists. A little further down the way you can visit Kruse House Museum, a 1917 four-square  furnished with period furnishings and collections.

This painting is a part of the series West Chicago/Meeting Place, which will be on exhibit at Gallery 200 in West Chicago during the month of August.



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