Fall at the CB+Q

Fall at the CB+Q ©2015 Maggie Capettini 9x12 oil on linen | Available

Fall at the CB+Q ©2015 Maggie Capettini 9×12 oil on linen | Available

The subject for my second painting for the West Chicago: Meeting/Place exhibit is the 1860s Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Depot located on Turner Court. This depot is a nostalgic sight for many and is one of the numerous representations of West Chicago’s important railroad history. From the Friends of West Chicago City Museum’s webpage:

This Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Railroad depot, built in 1893, was donated to West Chicago by Burlington in 1978.  It has been removed from its original site on Wood Street and is now included here as a part of the West Chicago City Museum. Inside the depot is a Turntable Model of the 1869 Chicago North West Roundhouse, including 13 engine stalls.

This painting is a knife painting; the tree branches in the upper left corner are the only part of the painting done with a brush. The paint surface achieved by using a knife is very textural. Colors “play” with each other in a different way than with brushwork. And sgraffito (carving into the wet paint) is easy and fun to do in the thick layers that result from laying down paint with a knife.


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