Six More Weeks of Winter

Six More Weeks of Winter, ©2015 Maggie Capettini 10x8 oil - plein air | Available

Six More Weeks of Winter, ©2015 Maggie Capettini 10×8 oil – plein air | Available

The day after winter storm Linus hit the Chicago area, I packed up my gear and headed over to Hadley Valley. I did some reconnaissance in the car first: according to the Forest Preserve District’s web site, the preserves would open at 10 am, as they were trying to clear the snow from the parking lots. By the time I left my house around 12:30, neither parking lot at Hadley Valley had been plowed – understandably! Snow was piled up everywhere. The drive that would normally take me 10 minutes took me 25. It appeared I would have to paint from a location across the way from the valley. So, that is what I did! It was in the 20s and the wind, when it blew, was cold. But, for the most part, I was comfortable during this painting session. Some snowmobile-ers zipped by, and someone stopped in their car to watch me paint for a while.

Since that groundhog made an unfavorable prediction on that morning, I titled this painting accordingly: Six More Weeks of Winter. Boy – no joke.


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