Interrupted Lunch

Interrupted Lunch, ©2015 Maggie Capettini 6x6 oil on archival cotton panel, studio | Available

Interrupted Lunch, ©2015 Maggie Capettini 6×6 oil on archival cotton panel, studio | Available

A while back, I received a comment on my Facebook page about one of my hay bale paintings from Hadley Valley. It was from the man whose farm makes the hay bales. I was so excited to hear from him. I had always wondered where the hay bales go once they leave the Valley. He told me that they take the hay bales to his farm in Lemont and feed them to the horses and cattle that live there. I asked Gerry if I could visit the farm, and he said that I could.

While I was there, I took a few photos. I thought it would be neat to extend the boundaries of my exhibit, Hadley Valley: A Year in Seasons, to include Kopping Farms and the animals there, since they are such an integral part of one of my favorite mini-seasons at Hadley Valley. This horse is the first in a series of three 6×6 paintings from my visit to Kopping Farms, and they will hang at the exhibit along with the other studies of Hadley Valley. A big thank you to Gerry for sharing his role in this story and for his hospitality.


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