Winter Oak

Winter Oak, ©2015 Maggie Capettini 8x10 oil on panel [plein air] | Available

Winter Oak, ©2015 Maggie Capettini 8×10 oil on panel [plein air] | Available

One trait that is helpful to possess as an artist is that of persistence. Without the ability to stick with a task (even if the probable outcome seems abysmal) and see it through to the end, I would be without several of my best paintings. 

This is one of those paintings. We finally had a warm (mid-20s) day with sunshine. I planned to head out in the afternoon on January 10th. I packed up around 2:30, found a great spot to paint and – the sun disappeared. Snow is much less interesting to paint without all the colors of light and shadow. I almost packed up and went home. But, I tried to make the best of a less than ideal situation.

As I painted, I continued to feel frustrated with the painting and with where it was going. I felt that it was uninteresting. Plus, I was cold. So tempting to give up! But then, I had the idea to add the tree, and at that point, the painting took on a whole new meaning and my painting experience began to move in a positive direction.

I’m not saying that every painting can and will be a good painting. But, swallowing that feeling of despair and trying to work a bit longer to turn a paining around sometimes turns out well.

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