Clouds Over the Valley

Clouds Over the Valley, ©2014 Maggie Capettini, 8x10 oil on panel  | available

Clouds Over the Valley, ©2014 Maggie Capettini, 8×10 oil on panel | available

This was my coldest plein air experience to date. Not that the temperature was the coldest – rather, I was the coldest because I was poorly dressed for the weather. I hadn’t planned on painting this morning. But, driving by the valley, I saw some really great clouds. I ran back home, threw my kit in the car, and headed back to the area across the state highway from the valley. From here, I had a great vantage point of the clouds, trees, and valley spread out before me. The air temp was 24º F with a biting windchill of 12º F. Needless to say, my jeans were not nearly enough protection from the cold. I did about 20 minutes of painting before hurrying back to the car to warm up. Another 10 or so minutes of studio time once I got back to the house finished up this painting. Next time I go out to paint this winter, I will definitely take the time to “suit up” in my base layers and snow pants! Just waiting for some snow…


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