First Fall

First Fall, ©2014 Maggie Capettini, 8x10 oil on archival gessoed hardboard [plein air] | SOLD

First Fall, ©2014 Maggie Capettini, 8×10 oil on archival gessoed hardboard [plein air] | SOLD

Early morning – fall is in the air. I hit the trail at about 6:30. The valley was heavy with fog and the cool temps felt great. There were a surprising amount of people out given the early hour. If I were a runner, though, I think I would choose early morning to run.

I had lots of visitors today, and I really enjoyed talking to each of them. These “interruptions” allow me the opportunity to step away from my painting and look at it again with fresh eyes once the chat is over. I have recently done some reading on composition, thanks to friend and amazing artist Diana Wade. This is the first painting I’ve done after some serious study and reflection on the aspect of design. That isn’t to say that I didn’t pay attention to design before: Only that now I am making it a point of focus for my work. Taking a break and looking at the painting helps me remember to keep composition in mind.

The bridge in this painting required my full attention. I’ve also read up on perspective – I found a great book at Black River Books in South Haven this summer, which I recommend to anyone who wishes to further their understanding of the technicality of perspective: Perspective for Artists by Rex Vicat Cole.


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