Borgioli and Sunflowers

Borgioli and Sunflowers, 12x9 oil on archival cotton panel, ©2014 Maggie Capettini

Borgioli and Sunflowers, 12×9 oil on archival cotton panel, ©2014 Maggie Capettini

I painted this one late winter day in my kitchen. Looking for a little sunshine, I picked up these sunflowers at the grocery store. They just seemed to fit nicely in the Borgioli pitcher my dad brought me back from a visit to Italy several years back. This pitcher features the pomegranate motif, and I definitely simplified the pattern for my own painting. I painted this using knives, and the impasto paint is THICK. The panel has an added heft to it that my other paintings don’t have.

That being said, I did my best to reduce the glare on the paint when photographing this one. My use of natural light has limited my options. Do you have any suggestions for improving natural light photography on paintings with very thick paint?


2 thoughts on “Borgioli and Sunflowers

  1. I photograph my paintings outside on an over cast day works well for me, as I don’t have good lightning in my home. Hope that help


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