Between Spring Showers


Between Spring Showers, 10x8, oil on hardboard ©Maggie Capettini - $115

Between Spring Showers, 10×8, oil on hardboard ©Maggie Capettini

It felt so good to be out, in the sun, feeling warm – and painting. I headed to Hadley Valley again. This time, I painted from the parking lot. Backed into a spot and opened my hatch. My first time giving that technique a go. As it happened, a few showers came and went, and I was glad I had the shelter so I could focus on painting. I tried something new this time: I toned the panel with magenta. A thin but still bright layer. In some areas you can definitely tell that its under there.

Most of my plein air adventures have not included clouds. This was the first time there were many clouds, and they were all fairly fast-moving. I had to re-work the clouds in my painting because I felt they looked too stylized, too predictable. You can see their initial look in my workspace photo:

Plein air 09 April 2014

Plein air 09 April 2014


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