New Year’s Day, Hadley Valley

New Year's Day, Hadley Valley, 5x7 oil on linen panel ©Maggie Capettini

New Year’s Day, Hadley Valley, 5×7 oil on linen panel ©Maggie Capettini

I am so determined to get out and paint the snow! So far, it hasn’t worked out exactly. On New Year’s Day, I decided to start a new tradition: doing something I intend to do frequently throughout the year. I probably should have jumped on the treadmill and gotten some exercise, but what I really want to commit to this year is plein air painting.

I headed out to Hadley Valley – bundled to the hilt, paints all ready to go in my pochade box. It was snowing lightly. As I drove, the snow and wind picked up. I parked, and I contemplated my situation. I decided to mix up my colors while still in the car, to maximize my time dedicated to actual painting  while out in the weather. As I mixed, the weather got worse and worse. Wind and snow blowing all around. So, I painted this 5″x7″ oil on linen from inside my car.

Then I headed up to the other entrance to Hadley Valley – there is a shelter there, and I thought I could set up under it and do some authentic plein air painting. But, the wind was strong. I tried setting up behind the trail map, which blocked the wind…but the snow just crystalized in my paint. I gave up. I was glad I had painted New Year’s Day, Hadley Valley, in my car while I had the chance and motivation, even though it wasn’t exactly “plein” air. 🙂


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