For the Love of Dog!

Kona No. 1, 10x8 oil on oil-primed linen panel, ©Maggie Capettini 2013

Kona No. 1, 10×8 oil on oil-primed linen panel, ©Maggie Capettini 2013

We have the sweetest, smartest, best companion on four legs one could find. Kona is a soon-to-be seven-year-old lab who has been around for all the ups and downs of the advent of kids in our family. I wanted to paint her portrait. Then, I decided I wanted to paint one portrait for each of my children, to have when they are older to remember their childhood friend. Here is the first portrait of our dog.

The painting just evolved so easily and naturally, which was a surprise. I had actually been putting off starting one of these paintings because I felt insecure in my abilities. I credit the success of this painting to my familiarity of (and love for!) my subject matter. Also, the workshop I took with Clayton Beck in January clearly helped me in the process of painting this little portrait. Dogs are definitely easier for me than people!



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