Plein Air Painting, October 28

I got out again on Monday and did another plein air painting at Pilcher Park. This park really is a gem. Part of what makes it shine is the Nature Center at the heart of all the hiking trails. Year round, there are all kinds of natural, cultural, and historical things that people of all ages can do here.

This painting features the Sugar Shack, where the folks at Pilcher Park (mainly Mr. Bob) make their maple syrup. Each year, they tap their maples and draw off the sap. Then, they put it in a big evaporator inside the sugar shack and distill it down to syrup. Yum! No Aunt Jemima’s so-called maple syrup here – only the real deal.

I don’t usually start with a sketch – but whenever architecture is involved, I feel the need to map it out first to study the angles and relations of the building itself.

I snapped these photos with my not-so-smart phone, so the quality is not great. Final image (taken with my Nikon) coming soon!


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