Plein Air Painting, October 23

Plein Air Painting 10-23-13

Plein Air Painting 10-23-13

Wednesday, I had the chance to get out and paint again. The fall colors have been calling me. I found a great little spot right next to Hickory Creek at Pilcher Park. The duck weed was a’plenty, so it was interesting to paint that and the fallen leaves on the surface of the creek water, while still showing the vertical reflections of the trees, leaves, and sky.

I usually hide when I paint at Pilcher…and other places, too. Its not that I don’t like talking to people – I do – but in busier places, my art-brain is interrupted more often and eventually it does affect the flow. I wasn’t sure how it would go on Wednesday painting in a high-traffic area (right next to the parking lot). But, it was chilly, so there weren’t to many folks wandering around. I did have two people stop to chat. Painting a painting is like walking a dog – people are far more likely to strike up a conversation with you!

The final painting has some changes from what you see in the final photo here. I will photograph and post it soon! For now, the gallery below shows the painting in various stages.


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