The Robins’ Bath

The Robins' Bath, 10x8, oil on linen panel ©Maggie Capettini

The Robins’ Bath, 10×8, oil on linen panel ©Maggie Capettini

This week I did a plein air painting at Pilcher Park again. It was quite the adventure! I started my hike in search of a scene that included water by heading down the blue trail (naturally!) since it runs right along Hickory Creek. I didn’t find any suitable spots, so I headed on to the brown trail – Trail of the Oaks – which winds into the forest. But, I knew from a previous adventure with the kids that this trail also ran across a smaller part of the creek system. At this particular spot on the trail, the bridge is out. So, I had limited choice as to which bank to set up my easel…I did not have my rain boots on, so fording the river was out of the question this time.

The first thing I notice: four or five robins are splashing around in the creek, having some seriously fun-looking baths. Lots of feather fluffing and wiggling going on. Hence the name of the painting! I was also startled while working by loud ploooping splashes (please note there IS an “l” in that adjective) which I can only guess were black walnuts falling from the trees.

I began to paint more quickly when I smelled skunk! Yikes! I was worried I might get sprayed or have a Great Outdoors style attack during my painting session. The stink faded but I did hear some cat-like noises…is that part of the reason skunk babies are called kittens? Oh man. Well, I’ve never heard a skunk before so I’m not sure what I was hearing then, either…


3 thoughts on “The Robins’ Bath

    • Hi Norine! Thanks for reading! I’m sure if plooping were a dictionary word, it would have only 2 ‘o’s…but for me there is meaning in the visual representation of 3 ‘o’s – I felt it more accurately described the sound I was hearing. Plooop! 🙂


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