Sailling, 8x8, oil on linen panel ©Maggie Capettini

Sailing, 8×8, oil on linen panel ©Maggie Capettini

Ok, here is the last one of my Michigan plein air adventure. South Haven’s Michigan Maritime Museum sails a Tall Ship regularly during the summer. From North Beach, you can watch it sail along the pier into the lake. The sails come up, and it is just beautiful. They also shoot of a couple of cannon shots, which is pretty cool. I thought I might try to paint the ship. I was expecting it at about 1:30, which was shortly before we were to leave the beach. I had studied the sails and lighting on previous occasions, and from memory I mixed up a color palette. I painted the sky and the water, then I waited. As it happened, we ended up leaving the beach sooner than planned. So, I tried to paint the ship from memory – a skill I am not practiced in doing. I like the finished painting, but I do think it would have turned out much differently if I was painting from life rather than memory. It has a little more of a folk arty feel to me as it is now. Maybe next year I will get the chance to try it from life!


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