Plein Air Set-Up: Beach


Here is a shot of my beach plein air painting set-up. A gorgeous day. The painting featured is Path to the Beach. This was my first plein air painting using my EasYl lite pochade box. I previously had been using a French box easel. The box easel is perfect for using in my small home studio that I share with home office space: I can leave it up and use it as needed, but if it is in the way, it folds up easily and compactly. However, it is somewhat cumbersome and clumsy to use en plein air, and it takes a little while to get everything set up. Not to mention its a bit heavy to lug. Just a bit, though. Thanks to the generosity of relatives at birthday time (earlier this month!) I was able to get the EasYl and a nifty tripod on which to mount it.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the EasYl lite. Quick, easy, lightweight, yet sturdy. The tripod I selected has a ball head, which allowed me to tilt the pochade box so that my palette portion was nearly vertical. I like being able to mix and select paints this way to easily compare colors I’m using to colors I’m seeing before me. I have been working small, so I have only used this pochade box for up to 8×10 paintings. Perhaps this fall I will get the chance to try out larger sizes while the kids are at school! Looking forward to some winter plein air painting, too.


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