Church Rock

Here is a first ever correction! I’m sure it won’t be the last. Shortly after I posted Shiprock, New Mexico, I received a comment from a fellow blogger and artist:

That is a very nice painting. Unfortunately, this is not Shiprock. The main tower in this painting is Church Rock, which is near Kayenta, Arizona. The smaller one in the middle Chaistla Butte and the one in the distance on the right is Agathla Peak, by far the largest of the three. You can see perspective depicted in the painting here:

Bubba does stunning photography in the California area, and I am grateful for his insight. What an amazing place the Web is! If not for posting this painting, I would have forever (? possibly) had a painting with a misnamed subject. The image he shared with me is by photographer A. Jackson Frishman. (Check out Bubba’s  guide to the Mount Shasta region here:

Thus, here is the painting, retitled to correctly reflect the true subject:

Church Rock, oil on linen panel, 12x16, ©Maggie Capettini • $195.00

Church Rock, oil on linen panel, 12×16, ©Maggie Capettini • $195.00


4 thoughts on “Church Rock

  1. Very nice painting, Maggie! I’m glad the photo helped you out. The geology of the Four Corners and Navajoland is certainly an embarrassment of riches for artists and photographers!


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