C’est fini!

A nasty cold has had hold of my house for the last two weeks, so I have not been able to do much of anything, painting included. This weekend I am finally feeling nearly myself again, and my mom came for a visit with the kids – so I ran to the studio to try to finish up Salon du Thé (previous posts here and here). My mom was not only helpful in babysitting, but also with a little constructive criticism, solicited by me. I first asked my husband if anything seemed wrong or stood out too much and his answer was “I don’t know – its art! It can’t be wrong.” Good advice, but not what I was looking for at the time.

Here is the final version – 16×16, oil on gallery profile canvas.

Salon du Thé, 16x16, oil on canvas ©Maggie Capettini

Salon du Thé, 16×16, oil on canvas ©Maggie Capettini


4 thoughts on “C’est fini!

    • Hi Agata! A good question. She suggested that I sharpen up the shape of the chairs, particularly the one with the velvet cushion. She thought that the table had a nice sharp appearance and the chairs, by contrast, were more sketchy. Thanks for visiting and following my blog!


      • Sounds like she knows what she is talking about. Constructive criticism can be helpful but I do agree with your husband as well that “it’s art, so it can’t be wrong”. That’s the beauty of art 🙂


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