Danada House

This painting is also long overdue to have a feature here on the blog. The first time I photographed it, it did not turn out…and since then I just haven’t had the chance, or I’ve forgotten to do it. This painting was done during my plein air painting workshop (see other posts herehere – and here) back in September.

This was my biggest challenge of the workshop, as I am not practiced in painting architecture, and this view I chose has a lot going on. With multiple roof lines, a fence, an archway – I got myself in deep. Jacque France was patient and full of advice for fixing my wonky lines – and – like the best painting teachers – she let me do all the painting!

This is the beautiful Danada House at Danada Forest Preserve in Wheaton. This is another photograph where I had trouble capturing the variation of color within the “white” areas that one can see when viewing the painting in person.

Danada House, 11" x 14", oil on birch panel ©Maggie Capettini

Danada House, 11″ x 14″, oil on birch panel ©Maggie Capettini


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