Like an Old Friend…

I found a photo the other day. Finding it was like finding an old friend. It is a photo I took in Paris in 1997. I think it was 1997. Anyway, I was there with my French teacher and fellow étudiants from French V. We had a bit of free time to do as we wished, and  – of course – I wished to see Jim Morrison’s grave. We hopped the Metro and sauntered over to Père Lachaise Cemetery. On the way, we happened by this Salon du Thé, where outside you could sit at these miniature looking chairs with a tray set on a bakset (?!) for a table. The scene captured my attention and I took this photo:

Salon du Thé near Père Lachaise - Photo ©Maggie Capettini

Note the two spent cigarettes on the ground. So poetic! I loved it. I always wanted to paint it. If I recall correctly (and the paint specks on the photo suggest that I do) I have tried to paint this before… unsuccessfully. Or, rather, unsatisfyingly.

Tonight, I began a new journey in painting this scene. I stole a few minutes (ok, it was 20) away from the bedtime routine and did a quick sketch & value workup to lay in the composition and tones. Hopefully I will get back to this painting before too long, as what I enjoy the most is discovering the color.

In Progress 16"x16" Salon du The ©Maggie Capettini

In Progress 16″x16″ Salon du The ©Maggie Capettini


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