House Portraits on Commission

I have been busy painting some very important paintings! A friend of mine has four children, three of whom are now grown and the last not far behind. She wanted to give each of them a “portrait” of the house they grew up in. So, for Christmas this year, each of her kids will be getting an original oil painting depicting the childhood home. What a special gift.

This was an interesting project for me – I can’t recall ever having painted the same thing twice, and here I was planning to paint the same house four times! Each painting came out slightly different (intentionally) and I experimented with different ways to handle the light and depth involved with an architecture painting.

My friend also wanted to include the family dog and cat. We discussed the idea and decided that a symbolic inclusion was important, but perhaps not a recognizable likeness. I played around with trying to add them into the front yard, but they just looked out of place…so I put their peering faces in the windows.


I'd love to hear your thoughts...please leave a comment. Thanks!

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