View From the Eagle’s Nest – Northern Wisconsin

For Columbus Day weekend, the family and I headed up to northern Wisconsin to my grandparent’s cabin. Perfect! Another opportunity for some plein air painting! (Or so I thought.) I did do one painting en plein air – in forty degree and very windy weather conditions! That painting isn’t photographed yet, so I will share it at a later date. However, this painting was done…um – un peu comme en plein air??? I was inside one cabin, on the top floor, looking out the window at the other cabin. This afforded me a great view of the cabin, the beautifully colored trees, and the lake. Had it been less windy, I would have ventured out to the second floor deck and done a truly plein air painting – as it was, I was pretty sure my whole setup would blow away if I went outside.

This painting is in progress but is entitled “View from the Eagle’s Nest.” It is 11″x14″, oil on board. Done with brushes, this time! Another perspective challenge – I see a few slightly wonky lines that I might work on fixing.

In Progress View from the Eagle’s Nest ©Maggie Capettini


5 thoughts on “View From the Eagle’s Nest – Northern Wisconsin

  1. This is wonderful Maggs! What a beautiful view. I love the quiet of the painting especially knowing that the winds were howling at the time!! Even though you feel the perspective needs tweaking I personally think the slight skews add to the personality of where you are and to the Little Cabin too. LOVE IT!


  2. Looks familiar, Maggie. Beautiful colors! Also impressive you can do this with young kids. Keep sneaking in the time. It’s important.
    Take care,


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