Pink House at Danada

This is day 2 of the plein air workshop – my first vista. At Danada Forest Preserve, again in Wheaton – this time some architecture to behold as well as the landscape. I chose the back of this beautiful house, with an equally beautiful tree – it seems to be dancing in the sunlight. This painting proved a challenge to my perspective skills, as did my second painting for that day – more on that to come. This particular day of painting actually inspired me to pull out an old book on perspective and do a little practice – which paid off in a future plein air painting done in northern Wisconsin on a cold cold day. But, that’s also the subject for a future post.

This painting is done on panel with brushes. The first day of plein air painting workshop (here and here) I used palette knives. You can see the difference, primarily in the texture of the paint.

Pink House At Danada, 14″x11″, oil on panel ©Maggie Capettini


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