Art & Poetry

The Second Anniversary Exhibit at Lemont Center for the Arts is a celebration of art and poetry. For the exhibit, artists selected one poem from many written by the members of the Illinois State Poetry Society. Based on the chosen poem, each artist created an artwork.

I selected a poem by Tom Roby, entitled “Evensong.” Being a landscape painter, the poem spoke to me on a basic level in its simple yet pure and visual description of a time of night that can be somewhat surreal (another favorite of mine – surrealism!) – dusk.

Here is the poem, take from the archives on the Illinois State Poetry Society web site.


by Tom Roby
I love that time of night
before night comes
when the last lit skies
rest blue in the elms

whose limbs are as black
as the night to come

and their silent leaves
are but a thought of green

when you are near
I love that time of night

In preparing to create the painting, I really got into thinking about the poem, about Tom’s word choice – being such a sparse poem, I presume he selected his words carefully, so I tried to weigh their meaning and give them accurate representation in my painting. I also did a little research on the man behind the poem, and found a biography for Tom here. I do hope I get the chance to meet him at the opening reception for the show!

Here is my painting. Unlike anything I’ve done lately, as it is very large – 4 feet high by 2 feet wide – and painted with acrylic on an oak panel – my first time painting on panel. I also included the use of watercolor paper painted with acrylic with the intention of giving a greater sense of presence to the viewer.

After Evensong, acrylic & watercolor paper on oak panel, 48″x24″ ©Maggie Capettini


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