Waimea Canyon Mist

This is my second attempt at a painting using only knives. What a challenge! I really, really love painting with knives. I had no idea.

Waimea Canyon Mist ©Maggie Capettini 2012 • 8×10 oil on canvas

This painting’s subject is the Waimea Canyon on the beautiful island of Kauai. I have never been to Kauai, but my in-laws visited this past February. They had some cloudy, rainy weather, which didn’t make for the best beach days, but they did get some really great  moody, atmospheric photographs.

One aspect of painting I’ve assigned myself to work on is creating a greater sense of depth in my landscapes: trying my hand at atmospheric perspective, using cool and warm colors to cause some areas of a painting to advance and others to recede.

I will say, this was not an easy task for me. I wish I had taken an “in progress” picture, because at one point, it really looked like puke on a canvas (pardon the visual). Not that I want to remember that stage of the painting itself, but – I was really ready to just give up on this painting. I stuck with it, and I’m very glad I did – quite a sense of accomplishment!


4 thoughts on “Waimea Canyon Mist

    • Thank you for the feedback. Its always nice to hear the impression my art makes on others…in the process of creating, I become so close to a work that it isn’t always easy to see it with fresh eyes.


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