Painting With Knives

One reason I love being around other artists, and particularly painters, is there is an energy and source of inspiration present that is hard to find amongst other people. While staffing the gallery one day, I had the pleasure of seeing one woman’s progress during an oil painting class. She was very motivated to complete a painting using only painting knives, and, in the two-and-a-half hour class, she completed a beautiful and texturally interesting painting of a vase of flowers.

So, naturally, this piqued my curiosity about the process. As I am primarily a landscape painter, I choose an idyllic image of a Scandinavian farm as my subject matter. The process was not altogether different from what I’m used to while working with brushes…the basics of the paint and how it works are mostly the same. But there was a certain liberation in the way the paint went onto the canvas, in my ability to make grand sweeping textures (or small rough ones!), and in the exploration of what those little knives could do. One really nice feature was not having any brushes to wash out when I was done with a painting session!

Here is the completed painting.

Far Away Feels Like Home (Scandinavian Farm)
©Maggie Capettini 2012
Oil on canvas, 16x20



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