Painting In Progress

I started this painting a while ago and keep coming back to it in sections. I haven’t had the large chunk of time I felt I needed to work on the water and the boats concurrently. I started by painting in the trees and background…let that dry. A couple of times I’ve painted in some colors in the river, but just to get the value and hue approximately right. Today, I finally felt I had the time I needed, so I worked on the water more seriously, and, at the same time, painted in the boats. Because of the reflections and the connectivity between the water and whatever is resting in it, I wanted to make sure to paint both together so that I could work the wet paint for a transition, rather than have sharp edges between colors.

Chinese Fishermen in progress ©Maggie Capettini 2012

As I look at the photograph of the painting, I feel like the fishermen are too big! So maybe the next step will be to size them down, and then I will model them into a more three-dimensional figure. Then the oars, nets, and other fishing implements…and this one might be considered done!


2 thoughts on “Painting In Progress

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