The Portrait Continues…

I had some time to work on my portrait again recently. This time, I mixed up the colors to use on the man’s jacket and pants. As you can see in the image below, those are the only areas I worked on…the underpainting still shows for the rest of the painting.

Step 2 of the portrait - painting the clothing

I generally use a limited palette, sticking to about three or four colors, plus black and white. For this part of the painting, I used cobalt blue, ivory black, titanium white, cadmium yellow light, and cadmium red medium.

I did the clothing first because I’m kind of nervous to start the face! I haven’t officially (seriously) painted a portrait before. I wanted to be sure I have ample time to devote to focusing on getting it right…so — I went for the clothes first. I did mix up the paints for the face and hands, and they are waiting patiently in my freezer until I get the chance to give good time to painting again…maybe this weekend. In the meantime, look for an upcoming post that is portrait-related! ….but involves drawing, not painting.


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