The Mystery is Solved!

So, after much discussion with my Dad and looking at the other slides in the same processing batch, we’ve determined that the subject of 1964 is Itatiaia* National Park near Resende, Brazil.

I searched around for an image of Itatiaia that resembled Grandpa Leo’s vantage point when he shot his slide in 1964. I found this image on – a contemporary view that looks very much like what Grandpa was looking at so long ago:

And here is the scanned image of Grandpa’s slide. I’d say its a match! What a beautiful place.

1964 - Grandpa's Slide

From what I’ve read, the park has rainforest and mountains. I came across many images of stunning birds – it seems there is a well-known bird watching tour through the area.

For my fellow map junkies, here is a map of the park & surrounding area:

*pronounced “Ee-Tah-Tee-Ya-Ya”


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