Mystery Location

My most recently completed painting has really grown on me. The original image is from a color slide that my Grandpa Leo took….where? I don’t know. He traveled the world and lived in Brazil, India, Mexico, and Argentina, in addition to New Jersey and Florida. The subject is a mountain scene. In one of the slide images, there is a tree with beautiful, bright, reddish-pinkish tropical-looking flowers in the foreground. I talked to my dad and he wasn’t sure where the photograph was from; he felt it was somewhere he himself hadn’t been (which potentially ruled out Brazil, as Dad lived there for a few years, too). The only other clue, aside from the images themselves, is the processing year stamped on the slide mount. This – 1964 – has become my title for the painting.

1964, ©Maggie Capettini

A disclaimer on this image of the painting – it is NOT the best, and for that I apologize. The dark weather has made it hard for me to get a good quality shot on this one, but I really wanted to share it!

And…if this looks familiar to anyone, I’d LOVE to hear feedback on possibilities of the location! Thanks!


One thought on “Mystery Location

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