A Time for Celebration ©2016 maggie capettini 6x12 oil on linen panel | SOLD

A Time for Celebration

This is my second painting of the papel picado in downtown West Chicago, hung last fall as part of the Vivia Mexico Independence Day Festival. See the sister painting here. A looser painterly approach

Rainy Day at the Station ©2016 maggie capettini 8x10 oil on linen panel | available

Rainy Day at the Station

In this painting, I tried something new. My clean-edged painting seemed to crisp to represent the rainy day on which I took this photograph. I pushed and pulled the paint vertically to try to

Snow Tracks ©2016 maggie capettini 11x14 oil on panel | Available

Snow Tracks

These tracks cross West Washington Street in West Chicago. Anyone who has driven this route – even one time! – has likely sat and waited for a freight train (or two!) to pass. This intersection of road and rail is not far from where the coach yards used to stand and


Three Mini Paintings

       I have a house full of sick people here. As they lay low and recover, I’ve set my easel up nearby and worked up a few mini paintings from some photo sources I’ve been hanging on to. It felt good to paint!

Main and Galena ©2016 maggie capettini 6x12 oil on linen panel | SOLD

Main and Galena

Two of West Chicago’s oldest buildings are included in this painting. On the right with the green doors stands the former Turner Town Hall, now home to West Chicago City Museum. Built in 1884, this building once housed the police