Firefly Pastoral

This was a house warming gift for someone special who was missing the farm. Jayne the donkey and Winky the sheep graze in the holler at Firefly Farms, Knoxville.

Flow of History ©2016 maggie capettini 18x24 oil on linen panel | Collection, Warrenville Historical Museum and Art Gallery

Flow of History

  This is the largest plein air painting I’ve ever done. It is 18×24 inches. I worked on it over two beautiful days on October, for a total of about five hours. This painting will become part of the collection at the Warrenville Historical Museum and Art Gallery as a part of my Albright-Inspired Artist…


Water Lilies II

I’ve been studying water lilies recently. The first in the series sold (photo below). This one is available in my etsy shop.  Detail: Water Lilies I:


Many Ways

There are many ways…many ways of coming and going, many ways of communicating, many ways of embracing or alienating community and tradition.


Warren Tavern

I began my Albright-Inspired Artist Residency last month. So far, I have done two plein air paintings, both featuring Warren Tavern. Upcoming painting dates and times will be announced in my newsletter. 


Historic Bungalow House Portrait

I had my first real taste of painting historic houses as part of my West Chicago  / Meeting Place series. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a few commission paintings. These homeowners contacted me and asked me to create a portrait of their homes. This is the first commission that has been…


Fall Approaches

Today, despite morning and afternoon thunderstorms, I was able to get out and paint at Dean Nature Sanctuary. The last few weeks have felt like summer, but today was a lot like fall. We still have some 80s predicted in the week ahead, but…fall approaches.