Flow of History

  This is the largest plein air painting I’ve ever done. It is 18×24 inches. I worked on it over two beautiful days on October, for a total of about five hours. This painting will become part of the collection at the Warrenville Historical Museum and Art Gallery as a part of my Albright-Inspired Artist…

Many Ways

There are many ways…many ways of coming and going, many ways of communicating, many ways of embracing or alienating community and tradition.

Warren Tavern

I began my Albright-Inspired Artist Residency last month. So far, I have done two plein air paintings, both featuring Warren Tavern. Upcoming painting dates and times will be announced in my newsletter. 

Historic Bungalow House Portrait

I had my first real taste of painting historic houses as part of my West Chicago  / Meeting Place series. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a few commission paintings. These homeowners contacted me and asked me to create a portrait of their homes. This is the first commission that has been…

Fall Approaches

Today, despite morning and afternoon thunderstorms, I was able to get out and paint at Dean Nature Sanctuary. The last few weeks have felt like summer, but today was a lot like fall. We still have some 80s predicted in the week ahead, but…fall approaches. 

My Very First Award

The judged exhibit for the month of September at La Grange Art League Gallery is “Life in the Heartland.” I entered the little painting above, along with one other. I was so excited to receive the news that “The Way to the Cave” was awarded third place. This exhibit is in honor of Ed Shaver,…