One Plus One Equals Four ©2015 maggie capettini, 9x12 oil on panel | Private collection

One Plus One Equals Four

This painting represents two people starting a life together and, over time, their family growing from two to four. I painted this in a friend’s back yard. How lucky are they to have this gorgeous view?! Wherever this family goes, they now have a reminder of the view and of the time they spent growing…

Gracie, ©2015 Maggie Capettini 10x10 oil on linen panel | private collection

Gracie – A Portrait of a Dog

For Gracie, I strayed away from my usual split-primary palette. Instead, I used Prussian blue, Burnt Umber, Terra Rosa, Naples yellow, and Titanium white. Working from a photograph, I did a drawing with thinned Burnt Umber. Then, I blocked in the darks and built up to lights. The eye was tricky to get for this…

Fall in the Porkies ©2015 Maggie Capettini 9x12 studio oil on archival cotton canvas panel

Fall in the Porkies

The Porcupine Mountains in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a place I have never been, but I hope to someday go. This photo was taken there in the fall some years ago.

Big Clouds Over North Beach

Another from North Beach; I really love to paint this spot. I have many plein air paintings of southwest Michigan, but I also enjoy the escapism of doing these paintings at home in Illinois.

Vines at Domain Berrien ©2015 Maggie Capettini studio 6x6 oil on gessobord | $75

Vines at Domain Berrien

One of our favorite stops in southwest Michigan is Domain Berrien Cellars and Winery. We love their wines, but we also love the setting and atmosphere. Wandering the grounds and seeing the grapes growing on the vines is an enjoyable post-tasting activity. They also have some gorgeous hydrangea growing out front that I will paint…

Well-Rounded ©2015 Maggie Capettini 20x16 oil on gessobord

A Picture of Health: “Well-Rounded”

I have my first street banner! What an honor. I really had a fun time thinking about the theme and making a painting that diverges strongly from my usual method and subject matter. The original painting is 20×16 inches on gessobord. The city of West Chicago, Illinois, has kicked off their “Healthy West Chicago” initiative.…