Summer Winds at North Beach [plein air] , ©2014 Maggie Capettini, 8x10 oil on gessoed hardboard | $115

Summer Winds at North Beach

My trip to Michigan this year was different than the last few. Summer wasn’t quite as hot as usual. We’ve been lucky with very beach-y weather the last few years. This year, the water surface temps the first few days were in the mid 50s. Brrr! That makes my skin hurt upon leaving the water…

Hadley Wildflowers [plein air] , ©2014 Maggie Capettini, 7x5 oil on gessoed hardboard | $60

Hadley Wildflowers

After painting Summer Evening with Queen Anne, I went in search of a particular Coneflower I had seen on my hike into Hadley Valley. I really wanted to do a painting focusing on the Coneflower with other wildflowers surrounding it. I included the Clover, Bee Balm, and some pretty yellow flowers, along with a variety…

Summer Evening with Queen Anne [plein air] , ©2014 Maggie Capettini, 8x10 oil on gessoed hardboard | Collection the artist

Summer Evening with Queen Anne

I went for a late afternoon painting session at Hadley Valley in late July. The wildflowers are out and just so pretty. The Queen Anne’s Lace are particularly eye-catching in the late afternoon, their white faces catching the last bits of sun. I did a bit of blocking in with a brush, and the rest…

Lake Breezes [plein air] , ©Maggie Capettini 2014, oil on gessoed hardboard 8x10 inches | $115

Lake Breezes

A nod to a childhood figure – Priscilla Jenne, neighbor to my Great Aunt Joan at the lake. Priscilla was an artist. I remember visiting her cabin and seeing all her tubes of watercolors lined up and just being fascinated by them. On our recent trip North, my mom recounted the time when my sister…

Down Buckeye Lane [plein air] , ©Maggie Capettini 2014, oil on gessoed hardboard 10x8 inches | Collection the Artist

Down Buckeye Lane

For my first plein air painting at the lake this summer, I set up on the road looking toward the garage of a cabin named Buckeye. This was done around 8 am and the sun was just rising up over the trees behind me.