Autumn Sundown, ©2014 Maggie Capettini, 8x10 oil on panel | Private collection

Autumn Sundown

In recent months, I have spent lots of time looking out the car window and imagining painting the scene before me. By this I mean: I study the lights and darks, seek the composition of colors, sketch clouds or trees – little things that

On A Roll, ©2014 Maggie Capettini  9x12 oil on panel | $130

On a Roll

Finally getting around to posting this one. My second study of the hay rolls at Hadley Valley this year – click here to see the first. These are some

Cloud Study 923, ©2014 Maggie Capettini, 5x7 oil on archival gessoed hardboard | $60

Cloud Study 923

I set up in my backyard to do a cloud study. On this particular evening, the clouds were blowing over us and gathering over Lake Michigan in the distance. As they passed overhead, they reflected the brilliant colors of sunset.

Bruce Road Trailhead ©2014 Maggie Capettini, 9x12 oil on linen panel | $130

Bruce Road Trailhead

Hadley Valley Preserve has several points of entry. I usually paint at the Gougar Road or Route 6 access points. This time, I set up at the Bruce Road trailhead. There is a farm adjacent to the preserve, and the soybeans have turned to their fall shades – very pretty next to the green and…

Farrell Road Hay Rolls ©2014 Maggie Capettini, 11x14 oil on archival cotton panel | $160

Farrell Road Hay Rolls

They rolled up the hay at Hadley Valley a couple of weeks ago, and I headed out to paint. The sweeping views of the valley littered with hay rolls is really such a sight to behold. I had a limited amount of time before I had to pick up the youngest at school. For some…

First Fall, ©2014 Maggie Capettini, 8x10 oil on archival gessoed hardboard [plein air] | $115

First Fall

  Early morning – fall is in the air. I hit the trail at about 6:30. The valley was heavy with fog and the cool temps felt great. There were a surprising amount of people out given the early hour. If I were a runner, though, I think I would choose early morning to run.…