Where the Skunk Cabbage Grows, Maggie Capettini, 8x10 oil on gessoed hardboard ©2014

Where the Skunk Cabbage Grows

Funny title! But, this spot at Pilcher Park has one of the highest concentrations of skunk cabbage in Illinois.They call this particular spot “Skunk Cabbage Hollow”. Fellow local artist Mike MacDonald has an informative article illustrated

The Gateway, 10x8 oil on gessoed hardboard ©2014 Maggie Capettini [plein air]

The Gateway

  Hadley Valley is lush and green now that “summer” is in full swing here in Chicagoland. We’ve had unseasonably warm temperatures ever since so-called-spring ended early last month. I painted The Gateway in the midst of all this lushness last weekend. The traffic on the trail was steady, and many folks stopped to look or comment.…

Spring and New Beginnings at Lake Katherine, 9x12 oil on cotton archival canvas ©2014 Maggie Capettini - Private collection

A Very Special Plein Air Painting

At the end of April, a friend of mine gave me a call. As we chatted, she asked me, “Have you ever been to Lake Katherine?” I had not. Heather had a special request for me. Her niece and nephew would be getting married on May 31st, and their wedding reception would be held at…

The Journey (24x24) + The Destination (24x36), oil on gallery wrap canvas ©2014 Maggie Capettini - Collection the artist

The Story of the Diptych

  The empty space above my bed had been bugging me. My walls are filled with paintings, but this very large space was empty. I wanted to create a painting for this space. One that had personal meaning for my husband and me, but also one that evoked a sense of serenity and joy. I…

Magnolia, 9x12 oil on archival cotton panel ©2014 Maggie Capettini


Magnolia trees are one of my favorites. When we moved into our house almost 8 years ago, I knew I wanted to plant a magnolia. The one we planted in the front yard has really started to grow and looks more and more like a tree every day. This spring was the best one yet…

Spingtime Pines, 7x5 oil on oil-primed linen panel ©2014 Maggie Capettini $60/free shipping

Springtime Pines

I teach art at a local Montessori school. They do the coolest things there. This week, my 8th grade students went for an overnight camping trip. During their first day, I met up with them and took them on a short hike in search of ephemeral spring flowers. We found quite a few: Jack-in-the-Pulpit, wild…